Sunday, July 3, 2011

Disembodied bodies (excerpt)

The power rangers diaper crumpled in his four year old hands, realizing the might of the youth. Smurnov recognized the diaper had never said a word to him. It had never coughed or sneezed or grunted to show that it was one of THEM, so he knew it was in his realm of dominion. The thumping of feet could be heard from the basement as he ran to the stairs, then taking deliberate and careful steps up the CREAAAKing metal. Eventually he stood at the top, overlooking the empty living room, with water spreading across the floor from where he had just a moment ago spilled his cup. “GAAAAAA,” screamed out of his tiny lips as he threw the cotton diapers out over the banister. The body thrust into the air, making it go a short distance out, and then curving downwards. The heavy end of it moved directly, but the rest spun, hectically, without control, almost making screaming gestures, but not having the Right to, so it only made the sound of colliding with the ground to lay in peace.
            The boy’s eyes were wide, his mouth puckered presenting squeezed lips and inwardly drawn cheeks, and it appeared he was waiting for something. As usual his mother walked out into the living room for the final second of the Diaper Flight. She didn’t say a word. She picked the diaper up as water slowly streamed towards it and looked up at her son.

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