Friday, August 12, 2011

August Guest Posts

Hatred Poem

I kinda wanted to show her how I really get down!
Show her my moves!
Show all my buddies I know how to PARTY
take part in taking apart the dance floor. !
Confetti man, the Partyguy I am the stuff!
Come quick I'll show you a trick and then we gotta split
like a yellow skin banana and run to the shop
before it closes YO!! Are you the girl that's blah blah blah
Yeah I found it in the hallway by the whatever
Come by my room later I'll give it to you,
sorry. Fastforward,
yo Dude wait up!
Rushing to the shop before it closes!
Time passes made it to the story crazy times, 
Partyguy pays for it all! All on me I don't care live it up
YO EVERYONE back to my pad. I got the tunes.
I kinda wanted to show her how I really get down!
Self conscious attack I'll sit back and let the party run here we go
Girl you wanna come up stairs and get those...
Yea this is my main crib check this out I've got dual things,
Sit down oh hold on let me show you this video while I
"Try and find your"...
Isn't that so crazy? My friend made it. He's so smart.
I look up to him so much he's like a brother to me,
(not like other brothers I could have mentioned)
(unlike other videos I could have shown)
(probably should've given her the box sitting there on the shelf)
Show her my moves!
Sorry!! I didn't mean to hit you there! Are you ok? 
Here lay on your stomach I can fix it, no seriously I can!
Turn on your stomach! I can fix it with a massage. Seriously,
I'll take the pain off your mind because my massages are awesome.
sorry. Fastforward...
Two dead bodies!
Rewind a little. sorry,
Divorce, restraining orders, mild burns and emotional damage.
Bumpy dating, deceit and mate fumbling bumbling decision making,
Hell..your life forever to watch for eternity.

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