Monday, June 13, 2011

A boy (Morbid Cupcake #2)

On the evening of January 2, 1996, the child was born. His mother retched from the pain of her stretching innards and the veins bringing blood to her eyes were irreparably damaged. Father soaked the evening in somber linen, for he knew that this child was godless and would be raised to be fearless. The Father knew this family, The Grots, were those of the most twisted essence. They beat their animals, drank in the blood from freshly killed cattle, and of course, refused to do their taxes. In the Father's eyes, the end was near, and he knew that on May 21st the world would end. 
Yes, the world would end and all should know, but how, damnit how(!) could he let the people of Earth know? He palmed the child, and all around the room the family of the Grots watched him warily, sensing his protestation. He gazed at those red orbs in the child's face, and the secret lay there plain in sight. In his eyes he saw the burning villages and the demons of hell all rushing into his mind in the blink of a second. In that moment he felt the agony of maimed children laying in the street, of mid-way divorces never completed, of black holes sporadically appearing and sucking up doctors only to rip their bodies into multiples of their sins. He was horrified and he began to cry in that otherwise gray and silent room. Now, now, now! "Kill him now!" His mind demanded, while his cold hand spoke only readiness, and his soul preached weariness.  The pressure of the moment made his mind turgid with thought, and the pressure built. His eyes rolled until his gaze met his brain. Darkness. 
Seeing the unconscious man, the Grots proceeded to carry his vessel out into the rain. They moved like rats, all haste and quiet. Now God poured his oceans onto his face, and his palms, and his groin, and into his agape mouth, until he was filled with God's glory and he awoke spitting waves onto the land and ready to begin. 

"May 21st, I know you to be that day of days in the year of 2011. This boy will feast on souls." But they will be one. One fed on  and the other fed,  but both in consumption. Grot and World are one.

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