Friday, January 8, 2010

Grimey Dundon

A grimey man plagued our parts once. If youre not familiar with the  term "grimey," you might be a idiot but i'll explain it anyway. "Grimeyness" is something everyone is blessed with but always in different proportions. It is the attribute of vileness but not an evil vile but instead more of a ridiculous vile. If something is grimey it is ridiculously uncalled for. 
As I said, there once was a man who roamed our parts, our parts being the east coast. His name- Adam Dundon. His profession- being a Grimey Man. He was grimey incarnate. Adam would cheat in any game he played. I swear everyday he lived he whyled in a gimey way.  He would swindle kids on the play ground yard way back in Kindy-garten. The lad was a millionaire by the time he was 14. His own kin would never call him out on the matters, atleast not in public, but every kid,adult and veteran within 50 miles of his dwelling knew the stories of Dundon. That didn't stop him from continuing his legendary grime. 
The grimeyness didn't stop at money. Dundon would grime in all ways. He was the master of grime. Once during a game of Slap-pong (which everyone knows originated in the humble town Binghamton), Oliver Kammerman and Adam Dundon had a falling out over the score. Dundon uttered the phrase "fuckin jewbag" and from then on Oliver Kammerman coined the name "Grimey Dundon" and the phrase spread. 

You need to know this.

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