Friday, January 8, 2010

just another day

The boy comes out of the wind.  He turns to his left then right, sees no way out, so goes down a nearby tunnel. Darkness. Ha!  Just his luck to be eternally trapped. Karma is a bitch. No wind down here. Crap. No air. Suffocating. He falls to his knees. Limp, Chan’s face starts to turn blue. Is this the end? Our story over so soon? Come on! Give us more than that. Don’t pull the old and dirty wool over our eyes this time. He wants to live! We want him to live! He lives.  A surprising turn of events, you ask? No, not at all. The witch gave him fairy potion to stop death right in its tracks. There were skid marks. He rises, and then runs down the tunnel corridor.

         Mary? Why is she here? Chan sees her. She’s near. She’s queer. Get over it.  Chan doesn’t like thee dark. When it gets dark, he gets angry. Chan smash brains. Chan eats brains. The onslaught went on for about ten minutes. Mary lay writhing on the ground. Tis a shame, she was such a helpless, beautiful, victim. “It couldn’t be helped!” he screams. No reply. No one wants to here it. No one is there.  He has to get out. He wants them to know. He feels the guilt running through his veins. He feels the apathy creeping through his arteries. Veins say, “act quickly.” He stands above the now still body, and runs. His pace is unbelievable. How could he be going so fast? He has rocket boots. O that explains it. Tricky writer, we’ll get you next time! He finds an exit and waits by it. He needs to be here right now. He needs to punch the walls that have kept him penned like a wild beast for so long. It had been about 15 minutes. He punches the wall, but there is no satisfaction, just pain. Karma is a bitch?

         Exiting was easy; reorienting himself was the difficult part. He could tell he was somewhere in Macondo, but he couldn’t tell exactly where. “Such a confusing little place,” the inhabitants always thought. Why couldn’t Chan think? He felt like he deserved the right as much, and maybe more so, than anyone else. He stepped forward only to fall to the ground.  Damn you psychosomatic symptoms! When the seizure came to an end, he discovered that the city had grown dark.  It was happening again. Such an annoying sickness this was. Bouts of greed and bloodlust, plagued him, but he was free of remorse at least. What a typical day. What a bore. He galloped down the street in a silly fashion, so that he might choose his victim. The first to speak, after taking notice of his odd performance, would be in a world of delight. His delight. His monstrous control. Wow this is weird. Why am I still reading this? Maybe the biggest waste of 3 minutes ever I’m guessing. Shut your fucking mouth.

         Carren was his brother’s ex-girlfriend. She hated long walks on the beach and anything living. She was his friend.  She hated him, and Chan was not her friend. She noticed his ridiculous progression, as she walked down the cold and desolate street. She was on her way to the children’s hospital. She wanted to tell the losers off since no one else would. Fuckin kids. Chan’s distracting stupidity made her furious, so she began to shout insults to him and anyone else who might be listening, but no sooner than the second word erupted from her stupid lips Chan could be seen rushing towards her with a look of glee, sorrow and lust in his eyes.

         Chan hit her pretty hard. He had hoped not to see anyone he knew, but now that he had he couldn’t play favorites. He really enjoyed her company and all the nice things she said to him, but this was happening. He believed her to be his soul mate. After he separated the head from its body, he decided it had been a grim but special night. T’was a good night for Chan, and really for the entire remaining world, fore the world hadn’t seen his wrath. Nugget. 

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