Friday, March 5, 2010

Less than a product but continuing productivity

I think I can, I think I can, but can I? Junior was a product of his environment and like any good product, he had been prepared for use by society until he was suitable for distribution and participation. Though everyone was sure he was prepared for his role, when he got into Oxford in 2007, he still had some reservations and confusion lingering from what remained of his individual mind.
Junior was in a frenzy and didn’t know why. He would go to his top-notch school, but he would go separated from his peers, still questioning the world and its orders, its possibilities. Junior was preparing to do this, but what he didn’t realize was that he couldn’t do just what he planned on doing. He could never be free to think. Why? Because he was tainted from birth. He saw what was allowed, accepted, appropriate, and no matter how much he might try, he couldn’t rebel completely against these notions. These ideas represented his worlds of good and evil, his notions of right and wrong. Dissolving these would be like instating the Cult of Reason in Catholic France, destined to hit disaster. So Junior parted ways with his family for college, living in a world of false rebellion, impossible rebellion. Oblivious little piece of---
Okay, so this isn’t an oddity in our day or any day. The false rebellion has been pursued for years. The liberal hippie phase that would overcome him would be an illusory one. He wouldn’t like the same music or things as those he tried to reproduce, but indeed he liked their clothes and the way people greeted them in society, warily. Who can say his ailment was really an ailment? Why is this confusion a bad thing? After all, the life he led made him feel unique, untouchable, a thing separate and above all others. It allowed him to live in a pseudo-world. Now why might it be bad to live in a false realm of self importance and hedonism? Well his evolution as a person is surely stunted one could argue, but because he is a product living in a world in which normally he would merely proceed to distribution and non-life anyway, Junior may not be missing much by being in this confused state anyway. He is delusional, there is not even the slightest chance of breaking out of the cycle of “productivity.” He is a slave to his own self-congratulation, pawn in his own game of chess, sad piece of ----
What should Junior do? Where should he go? How should he think and how can he begin to think like that? Junior is nothing and never will be anything. He is the opposite of a human being. He is less human than the products that surround him in society. They are delusional too but they are something, economic tools. He is a self tool. He’s a nice guy though.

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