Friday, June 11, 2010

Status update!

Woke up at 7 this morning to run, and now I get to announce it on Facebook. While on my run, my only motivation was the status update I was promised. An unspoken promise!

I'm finally back at my computer, covered in sweat, feeling the sweet endorphins already rushing between synapses. What should I put? Omg, i'm as giddy as a school girl, and i'm not ashamed. No one can see me, but in a moment, everyone will see me. They won't know that I didn't make it very far, or that I heart my arm on the run, or that I lay on the ground for a half an hour after the 5 minute run, awaiting this moment.

Typing,typing,typing. Words have been typed. Words are on the screen, but none are right! Why are none of the words right? This is my moment goddamit!

"Went for a run today. What a good start to a beautiful day!"

"Exhausted from an early morning run." NO NO NO NO NO!

None will do! 56 people will see this status update. I'm on stage for all 56 of my friends and 2 of them are online now!

Deep breaths,deep breaths for the words typed on the screen. Deep breaths for the words smeared upon my laptop, like poop on monkeys in a goddamn monkey fight!

Facebook is making a monkey of me. I won't be made a monkey. The only redemption from this insult is rat poison. My status is "Rat Poison". Take that facebook.

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