Tuesday, June 1, 2010

They took him off to the looney bin

The humidity made me awake several times today. It's 4pm and I hear banging and screams. Needless to say, i'm annoyed. I sit up and stare for about 2 minutes before texting a friend.

More screams. Sounds like construction or some sort of home repair. I lay down and stare at the wall.

Police sirens.

Is someone beating on the backdoor? I think I should answer it, but i'm too annoyed to care. I need a cigarette and I would smoke, but I don't have any left. Today fucking sucks. It couldn't get any worse.

I stand up and open the door to my room. The two story house is completely quiet. It sounds like everyone has been murdered and i'm upset with myself for not joining them. It will be humiliating to be the kid who slept as his family was murdered. I lay down again and try to fall asleep, but the footsteps of policemen halt my slumber. My mother walks up the stairs to my room and says "Don't leave this room."
I'm instantly annoyed again. I'm 19 and my mother (outside the room) is telling me to stay in my room as if I were a child. I consider leaving the room, until I think of how predictable my death could be after such an act.

There is man outside, underneath my window, talking to the police. I can't see his face or make out exactly what they're talking about. My mother returns to mmy room and tells me that I may go downstairs now. "There are police everywhere."

The room downstairs looks normal. Everything is where it should be. The sofa is in front of the television, the computer is on but not in use, the dozens of police are drinking the lemonade...

Apparently a man with a machete cut off the door knob to get into the house, after my mother complained about him taking food without permission. He wanted to kill us all he said. He wanted to kill me. Obviously this is most annoying to me.

What a douche my brother can be.

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