Friday, February 26, 2010


She likes me! OMG! Why you ask am I so excited? Because it is such an ego boost. I haven't been attracted to any girls lately and i'm surely not interested in her but I am really shocked by this. She is 14 and I am 20. It is so cool being that older guy the young girls gawk at. I sometimes stand outside schools just to see if i'll be approached, but nothing ever happens. I think the one thing girls(young 'uns) usually find repulsive is my flailing. I flail my arms and stomp constantly. I can't help it, but girls below the age of 20, having their need to be normal, hold such strong feelings against behavior such as this and thus never seem to flock. This girl though, this girl was completely normal. Being so normal she didn't have the need to pretend to be normal. She also seemed to block out all oddities that ever seemed to be enacted. She never noticed a thing and I could work my game. OMG i'm gonna get some underage ass.

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