Monday, February 8, 2010

The day today

Yes, good morning everyone! What we have here is a day. A very peculiar day today we have. Yes, i've never seen one quite like it sirs. This day doesn't have time. Nope, none of that. It also doesn't have people. This is such a shame because I had a doctor's appointment for ten today but it seems I haven't the proper means to make it there. A pity really. Yes, indeed i'm sure there have been days like this before, but i've never seen one of them. The day also lacks a Sun. A hell of a sight today is I assure you. It seems in need of even a World. It hasn't an Earth or Mars or Venus. There's nothing. Today's day would have been one of a very nice temperature but weather seems to have taken some time off unexpectedly. So there isn't much to see today nor people to see it so I suppose i'll just stop talking about the day. Yes, that seems best.

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