Monday, May 24, 2010

the Banality of Evil

I don't wanna get up! I would very much so like to enthusiastically sit perfectly still in my bedroom everyday. It's because life is full of regret for me. I haven't yet moved to enact any of the numerous things that would have me appalled but the thoughts are there and in my world it is as if I have done all those things and more. I've daydreamed of convincing widows to sleep with me on their late husband's graves. I've kicked the leaders of Peru in the shin so hard that they just looked over at me and said "Why?" I've publicly challenged the greatest runners to their signature events and lost, only to endure the humiliation for eternity. I've defaced beautiful art in rage and jealousy after an admirer who I in turn admired, made statements in awe. I have stolen girls from dear friends, spit on the grandmother's of war victims, cut of the pink toes of dogs, swindled the blind and most atrociously purposefully conveyed unrequited love for an ego boost. I'm the swine of my own earth and I dare not cast that upon the world. The world has done nothing to me, given nothing to me, and taken only age. All the things I regret, I regret because given the chance, I would have everyone do them. I would live in a world where my regret dissipated under the banality of the order. I would have the Banality of Evil.


  1. Inspired by a candyrockstar 2008 journal entry This is the link to the entry:

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  3. Oh yeah, your therapist just called. He wants to arrange an appointment for you next week. ;)