Friday, May 14, 2010

Got this game. Bored of this game.

Sooooo bored. Okay, so I made this game a couple of years ago. It was fun at first, but to be honest most things are when they're first starrted. Sewing my little monstrosities together and making them interact was literally the definition of fun. But hear me out, every little part of this game is just boring now. The players do the same things, i'm expected to do the same things. Dammit. I don't wanna do the same things and when I don't do the same things my play things claim that i'm not playing.
The little fucks say "God!Why were you so vicious in the old testament" and I just get sort of quite until someone defends me. I used to like to play the game a certain way, but now I just like to pick it up every now and then and do something without so much zeal and clamorous dominance. I just don't really care that much any more. The game goes on without me and i'm completely okay with that. I'm thinking about making another game, but I don't want those characters to turn into douchebags too. Fuck it i'm getting rid of this game. I'm fucking God after all, right?