Saturday, May 29, 2010

more eyes?

She was literally tearing out my heart! When her hands began to shake and her nostrils began to flare, I knew I would see my end, but I thought an insult might somehow reverse the reaction I had created. I was wrong. Lilly was my pal for 4 years and I really thought we had a great thing. When I asked her out a few minutes ago, I truly didn't realize that I would turn into an asshole shortly after "yes" was uttered. Well the past is the past and things happen as they will. The obscene and misogynist comments rang out like never before seen. I had never felt better. I screamed these things not because I meant them but because this is the way of the masochist. I had to do bad for bad to come to me.
Well, as her hand dug into my chest and spilled blood all over the new rug of my San Diego home, I couldn't helop but smile. A smile for one and all. I had my dream girl and she possessed my heart completely. "No" would never escape my throat again. Although this wasn't completely because I was with my dream girl and feeling as if the world were completely free and true, this fact was a contributing reason. My sight blurred and all I could see was her, with tears of rage in her eyes and me standing looking back at her in those same wonderfully gorgeous eyes. I couldn't see my sofa anymore, nor could I see the door. The memories were no where but in those eyes. No more sleeping on life or kicking loved ones out of my life. I would be crystallized for the remainder of time in those green crystalline eyes. Then, as black enshrouded her body's outline, I looked down and saw in her hand my heart and I said "What horrible thing" to which she responded "Most certainly" and all went out of existence except for eyes, except for the image of me.

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