Friday, May 28, 2010


The situation has been bleak. I've taken on the heavy burden of relief and I suppose that is my fault. To confess one's sins is to give them life. To destroy the lie that silence breeds and to create "responsibility" and consequence. It is a selfish thing to be free sometimes. I have been so selfish. The nonchalant reply to my confessions have only made the punishment begin. The punishment of knowing that your sins aren't important and that you are, in fact, not at all important. The relief takes on a suffocating essence. The absence of matter now turns into an abyss of doubt. What was there and what is there now? My sin's realization has, instead of taking away the pain provided by the secretive sin, has merely taken away the secretive sin's affect on the mind and put into action the known sin which ravages the mind in society. The doubt!! The intensity of the public eyes invades the intensity of the private eye.

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